The Where Project

Phil created and performed 2 short pieces for the Where Project, a two act storytelling event.  The Tuxedo Monologue was written in response to the prompt "Where are you from?" and tracks his journey of training to become a professional violinist and making the hard decision not to pursue it.  The Ring Cycle addresses "Where are you going?" through the the physical story telling of a groom on his wedding day who is finding the strength to walk down the aisle.

 In answering these questions with dynamic, heartfelt storytelling and original music, The Where Project hopes to cultivate and share meaningful, hilarious, human stories that capture where we are right now.

October 28, 2015's WP featured storytellers Soriya Chum, York Walker, Philip Estrera, Natalie Rich and musical storyteller Hennessy Land. We were thrilled to be hosted by FRIGID New York as part of the #QueerlyFestival.

Philip Estrera